DSAW and ERW Carbon Steel Pipe for oil, gas and water transmission lines in API and ASTM standards. Our Products are also used as structural components in buildings and offshore platforms.


Square, Rectangular and Round Welded Steel Tubes for applications such as metal buildings, fences, transportation, farming equipment and furniture. Available in HR, P&O and galvanized finishes.


High quality rolled steel products, available in coils and sheets. InterSteel source the finest steel of all grades, processed just how you need it. We provide galvanized steel cold-rolled, hot-rolled, hot-dipped, and aluminized steel. Find steel coils for manufacturing, or for industrial use.


Carbon Steel Beams, Channels, and Angles for a wide range of applications including steel structures that are used to build airports, subways, schools and hospitals.

What you get at intersteel


  • Instant access to quality steel from reputable steel mills at great prices.
  • We are client centric. We advocate and negotiate on behalf of our clients.
  • Short lead times: Usually 3 to 6 weeks.

Order management

  • We constantly oversee, monitor and expedite your orders - pre and post production.
  • We keep you informed and updated on orders.


  • Intersteel takes care of all logistics and deliveries of your orders.
  • Efficient and straight to your door delivery.
  • You sign for the steel, and everyone walks away happy.


Don’t have enough space to store your steel?

  • Upon request, we provide roll and hold services and will store the steel you ordered from us for up to 60 days for a reasonable fee.
  • We ensure availability and convenient delivery to your business.


  • With an Intersteel line of credit, we provide open terms for transactions in the United States and Letters of Credit for international transactions.
  • Do you buy full truckloads or boat loads of steel? Apply Now!

We locate, inspect, negotiate, coordinate and deliver straight to your door, consistently and reliably

Intersteel was founded in 1989 in San Antonio, Texas, with the sole purpose of helping companies in the US obtain quality steel at globally competitive prices. We started this journey with one truckload, and one aspiration. Today we service many companies, and have truckloads arriving at their doors everyday. We are carving a new and innovate way of doing business. We are here to make big impacts to the steel trade industry and bring value to every customer we sell to. We exist because of our integrity, drive, passion for making an impact to those we serve diversity, and determination. We help our clients make more money by bringing companies together and creating win-win relationships.